Property management


As a condominium trustee, we take care of the day-to-day administrative and financial management of your home, taking care of the interests of all owners. During the general meetings, you will receive complete and updated statements and a report of the work carried out or to be planned, in order to be able to make decisions regarding the maintenance of the condominium. Our teams will then be responsible for implementing the decisions made by the company. The maintenance of the common parts of the property, including the coordination of renovation and transformation works in order to valorize your property, are part of our main missions.


 Rental management


Do you own real estate assets under lease and want to delegate day-to-day management? We take care of all the steps of the rental for you: publication of announcement, constitution of the rental file, selection of potential candidates, organization of visits, drafting of the rental contract, monitoring of payments and we establish a state of entry and exit of each tenant

You will thus have the guarantee that the rental of your property is managed entirely on a daily basis and with a view to valuing your assets.